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Phoenix, Arizona, USA   |   May 9-11, 2006

Best Papers
A State-Space Airloads Theory for Flexible Airfoils
D. Peters, McDonnell Douglas Professor of Engineering; M.-C.A. Hsieh, Washington University; A. Torrero, Parks College of Aeronautics, St. Louis University
Aircraft Design
Rotating/Nonrotating Interface for Data and Power
F.K. Straub, V.R. Anand, T.S. Birchette, The Boeing Company; D. Merkley, US Army, AATD; W.R. Cravey, Alpha-Omega; J. Gilling, Diamond Antenna
Crash Safety
A Contemporary Survey of the Structural Performance Standards for Rotary Wing Aircraft Crashworthy Passenger Seating
H. Moore, Rotary Wing Loads, Dynamics and Criteria Engineer Naval Air Systems Command
Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS)
Use of Hidden Semi-Markov Models in the Prognostics of Shaft Failure
E. Bechhoefer, Goodrich Fuel and Utility Systems; A. Bernhard, 2Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation; D. He, P. Banerjee, The University of Illinois
Test and Evaluation
Ultrasonic Shear Wave Anti-Icing System for Helicopter Rotor Blades
J.L. Palacios, E.C. Smith, H. Gao, J.L. Rose, The Pennsylvania State University
Flight Trials of a Rotorcraft Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Landing Autonomously at Unprepared Sites
C. Theodore, D. Rowley, San Jose State Foundation; A. Ansar, L. Matthies, S. Goldberg, Jet Propulsion Laboratory; D. Hubbard, Brigham Young University; M. Whalley, US Army AFDD
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Forum 62 Awards 2006
Forum 62, May 9-11, 2006 Phoenix, Arizona USA


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