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Montréal, Québec, Canada   |   June 11-13, 2002

Best Papers
Toward a Better Understanding of Maneuvering Rotorcraft Noise
Brentner, Kenneth S.; Perez, Guillaume; Bres, Guillaume A.; Jones, Henry E.
Experimental and Theoretical Investigations to Develop a Model of Rotor Aerodynamics Adapted to Steep Descents
Taghizad, Armin; Jimenez, Jeremy; Binet, Laurent; Heuze, Daniel
Aircraft Design
Helicopter Vibration Reduction Using Fixed-System Auxiliary Moments
Gandhi, Farhan; Sekula, Martin K.
Crash Safety
Occupant Responses in a Full-Scale Crash Test of the Sikorsky ACAP Helicopter
Jackson, Karen E.; Fasanella, Edwin; Boitnott, Richard; McEntire, Joseph; Lewis, Alan
Crew Stations and Human Factors
Contact Analog/Compressed Symbology Heading Tape Assessment
Atencio, Adolph; Turpin, Terry; Shively, R. Jay; Dowell, Susan
Handling Qualities
RAH-66 Comanche Core AFCS Control Law Development: DEMVAL to EMD
Kothmann, Bruce D.; Armbrust, John
Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS)
Integrating Oil Debris and Vibration Gear Damage Detection Technologies Using Fuzzy Logic
Dempsey, Paula J.; Afjeh, Abdollah A.
UH-60 Tail Rotor Spar
Martin, Dave; Medeiros, Paul
Torque Splitting by a Concentric Face Gear Transmission
Filler, Robert R.; Heath, Gregory F.; Slaughter, Stephen C.; Lewicki, David
Robert L. Lichten Award Winner
Open Design for Helicopter Active Control Systems
Jeram, Geoffrey J.
STOVL-Powered Lift
French Low-Speed V/STOL Concepts of the Twentieth Century
Hirschberg, Michael J.; Muller, Thomas; Rocher, Alexis
Structures and Materials
Static and Dynamic Characterization of a Flexible Matrix Composite Material
Shan, Ying; Bakis, Charles E.
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Forum 58 Awards 2002
Forum 58 June 11-13, 2002 Montréal, Québec Canada


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