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West Palm Beach, Florida, USA   |   May 16-19, 2016

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AHS International's Annual Forum & Technology Display is the world's leading international technical event on vertical flight technology. The 72nd Forum took place May 16-19 in West Palm Beach, Florida. The three-day meeting included more than 275 technical papers on every discipline from Acoustics to Unmanned Systems, as well as invited presentations and discussions by leaders in industry and government.

The Technology Display, running concurrent with the Forum, was an extensive exposition of cutting-edge vertical flight technologies. It also included other technologies more broadly applicable to aerospace in general. Leading manufacturers, service providers, defense agencies, universities, and research and development organizations showcased the very latest in vertical flight technology.

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Highlights of Forum 72
  • Palm Beach Convention CenterOver 275 technical papers from experts in their fields on the latest theories and breakthroughs in vertical flight technology.
  • Perspectives from leaders in industry, academia and government on the future of vertical flight technology. The Forum included panels of the CEOs of major helicopter manufacturers and suppliers, US Army and US Navy/Marine Corps aviation program managers, and other vertical flight science and technology leaders in government and industry. 
  • The latest technologies from leading manufacturers, service providers, defense agencies, universities, and research and development organizations in our extensive technology display.
  • Interaction and sharing of ideas with more than 1,200 of the world's leading vertical flight professionals.
  • Recognition of AHS award winners and scholarship recipients at the Vertical Flight Foundation Reception and the Grand Awards Banquet.
  • Special pre-Forum activities on Monday, May 16, including Short coursesSikorsky tour and the MAV Student Challenge.
Forum 72 was held in Palm Beach, Florida which was the first new location to be added to the Forum rotation in more than a decade. Home to the AHS South Florida Chapter (one of our most energetic and enthusiastic chapters), Palm Beach County boasts a strong aerospace presence with more than 600 aviation and aerospace companies, including Sikorsky, Pratt & Whitney, Lockheed Martin and FlightSafety International, to name a few.

Alfred Gessow Best Paper of Forum 72
Adjoint-based Aeroacoustic Design-Optimization of Flexible Rotors in Forward Flight
Enrico Fabiano, Dimitri Mavriplis, University of Wyoming
Best Papers
Göttinger Monograph N: A Historic Document is Back
Berend G. van der Wall, German Aerospace Center - DLR
Systems Engineering
Quantitative Methods Improve Rotorcraft Safety Risk Management
John Hewitt, Joan Pham, Sikorsky Aircraft
The Effects of Ambient Conditions on Helicopter Harmonic Noise Radiation: Theory and Experiment
Ben Sim, US Army
Eric Greenwood, D. Douglas Boyd, NASA Langley Research Center
Advanced Vertical Flight
System Identification of a Hover-Capable Robotic Hummingbird
David Coleman, Moble Benedict, Texas A&M University
Adjoint-based Aeroacoustic Design-Optimization of Flexible Rotors in Forward Flight
Enrico Fabiano, Dimitri Mavriplis, University of Wyoming
Aircraft Design
Multi-Role Rotor - Adaptive Performance (MRRAP)
Edward Brouwers, Thomas Zientek, Christopher Cline, Richard Bussom, Friedrich Straub, Jeffery Coffman, The Boeing Company
Louis Centolanza, US Army Aviation Development Directorate
Avionics and Systems
Bell 525 Airspeed Calibration Prior to First Flight
Jonathan Mitchell, Albert Brand, Matthew Hill, Nathan Wu, Ajay Singh, Bell Helicopters
Crash Safety
Testing Mobile Aircrew Restraint Systems in a Full-Scale CH-46 Airframe Crash Test - Exploring the Limits
Lindley W. Bark, Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division
Crew Stations and Human Factors
Terrain and Obstacle Avoidance Displays for Low-Level Helicopter Operations in Degraded Visual environments
Martine Godfroy-Cooper, NASA/SJSU
Zoltan Szoboszlay, US Army Aviation Development Directorate AMRDEC
Allon Kahana, University of Haifa
Michal Rottem-Hovev, Maof HFE
Performance and Loads of a Model Coaxial Rotor Part II: Prediction Validations with Measurements
Joseph Schmaus, Inderjit Chopra, University of Maryland
Handling Qualities
AVMS H-47 Chinook with APAS Tactile Cueing Demonstration Results
Joseph E. Irwin III, Brandon R. Brown, Mark Schwerke, Erik Kocher, Anthony Rich, The Boeing Company

Measurement of Vibration Transfer Functions to Inform Machine Learning Based HUMS Diagnostics
Daniel Wade, Jeremy Partain, Andrew Wilson, Matthew Statham, US Army
Hieu Ngo and Perumal Shanthakumaran, The Boeing Company
Frances Love, US Army
Manufacturing Technology and Processing
On-Machine Inspection for Rotorcraft Manufacturing
Jeffrey Nissen, Cody Torno, Bell Helicopter
Modeling and Simulation
Free-Wake Based Dynamic Inflow Model for Hover, Forward and Maneuvering Flight
Omri Rand, Vladimir Khromov, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
MQ-8 Fire Scout Icing Solution Challenges
Robert Ernst, PMA 266, NAWCAD
Ajay Sehgal, Wyle Aerospace Group
Product Support
HH-60G Airframe Service Life via Multi-Element Damage Monte Carlo Risk Analysis
Nathan Branch, Gregory T. Wood, Mercer Engineering Research Center (MERC)
Thomas Brussat, Tom Brussat Engineering LLC
Seeded Fault Testing of Hybrid Bearings in a Rotorcraft Transmission
Mark Kozachyn, Jonathan Bednar, Richard Naffin, Mark Robuck,The Boeing Company

Damage Behaviour of Rotorcraft End Plate under High Velocity Bird Impact
R. Vijaya Kumar, D. Thenarasu, R. Ravindranath, D.B. Chalwade, Rotary Wing R&D Centre - Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
Structures and Materials
Analysis Methods Improving Confidence in Material Qualification for Laminated Composites
Andrew Makeev, Guillame Seon, Yuri Nikishkov, University of Texas at Arlington
Dean Nguyen, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
Peter Mathews, Mark Robeson, U.S. Army Aviation Development Directorate
Test and Evaluation
From ERATO Basic Research to the Blue Edge Rotor Blade
Berend van der Wall, Christoph Kessler, DLR - German Aerospace Center
Kurt Pengel, DNW - German-Dutch Wind Tunnels
Marc Gervais, Jean-Francois Hirsch, Airbus Helicopters
Yves Delrieux, Philippe Beaumier, Pascal Crozier, ONERA
Unmanned VTOL Aircraft and Rotorcraft
Flight Test Results for a New Mission-Adaptive Autonomy System on the RASCAL JUH-60A Black Hawk
Matthew Whalley, Marc Takahashi, Marcos Berrios, Hossein Mansur, Joseph Minor, Carl Ott, Zachariah Morford and Ernesto Moralez, US Army ADD
Chad Goerzen and Gregory Schulein, San Jose State University
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Forum 72 Awards
Awards presented at AHS International's 72nd Annual Forum and Technology Display, May 17-20, 2016, West Palm Beach, Florida.


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