2024 Complex Systems Technical Meeting

2024 Complex Tech Meeting

The 2024 Technical Meeting on Development, Affordability and Qualification of Complex Systems is being held Feb. 20–21, 2024, in Huntsville, Alabama by the VFS Redstone Chapter. 

To achieve the desired capabilities of next-generation vertical lift, the modern aircraft has evolved into a highly interconnected assembly of disparate systems. Acquisition strategy now values experimentation, learning through prototypes, and speed of acquisition over traditional approaches. This meeting will investigate new standards, processes, methods and tools relevant to the qualification and fielding of complex systems applicable to future vertical lift. The complexity of systems continues to accelerate, while the assessment and qualification methods race to address the interactive, non-deterministic nature and scale of the solutions. Leading experts from the government, academia, and industry will discuss the challenges of developing and qualifying affordable and safe complex systems. The meeting will take place in the Huntsville area.

Current topics of interest include but are not limited to the following areas:

  • Digital Engineering

  • Engine Systems and Integration

  • Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS)

  • Autonomy and Artificial Intelligence

Call for Papers:Technical papers and presentations from all disciplines are invited. Download the Call for Papers for full details. Technical presentation only submissions will be considered, the abstract should clearly state the intent fo be presentation only — download the abstract template. Abstracts are due Nov. 12, 2023, and must be emailed to meetings@redstone.vtol.org.

General Chair: Mr. Eric Grigorian, Georgia Tech Research Institute

Technical Chair: Mr. Dave Cripps, US Army DEVCOM

Updated Aug. 31, 2023