International Powered Lift Conference (IPLC) 2023

F-35B Landing on USS WaspThe International Powered Lift Conference (IPLC) focuses on the latest developments in vertical and/or short takeoff and landing (V/STOL) aircraft research, concepts and programs. 

IPLC, which was first held 30 years ago, is a joint technical meeting, cosponsored by the American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics (AIAA), the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS), SAE International and VFS. AIAA is the host organization this year, and will incorporate IPLC into its AVIATION 2023 FORUM in San Diego, California, and online, June 12-16, 2023. 

IPLC is the only cosponsored event focused on the promise and progress of manned and unmanned powered lift systems, ranging from nano-scale drones through powered-lift aircraft. It is the premier event for engineers, technologists, and executives to discuss developments in Vertical and/or Short Take-Off and Landing (V/STOL), including fully electrical V/STOL (eV/STOL), aircraft research, design, and developmental projects.

Topics for the 2023 IPLC include:

  • Breaking Developments in V/STOL-Enabling Sciences and Technologies
  • Convertiplane (Tiltrotor, Tiltwing, and Stopped Rotor) Concepts and Design
  • Fan-Lift and Jet-Lift Systems Design and Fixed-Wing Aircraft Integration
  • Heavy through Ultra-Heavy Lift V/STOL Transport Aircraft Design (>20,000 kg payload capability)
  • Rotorcraft Lift-Compounding and Thrust-Compounding Systems Design and Vehicle Integration
  • Single- and Multi-Rotor Drone Systems Design and Vehicle Integration
  • Current and Historical V/STOL Aircraft Technology Overviews and Project/Program Updates
  • Other Topics in V/STOL Aircraft Systems

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Updated April 13, 2023