FY16 Legislative Successes

VH-3D flying past the Washington MonumentDecember 17, 2015 — AHS International is pleased to announce that our Congressional advocacy campaign for the 2016 US government fiscal year has been a success!

The U.S. Congress reached a deal for the Defense budget on Tuesday, December 15; it is expected to be approved and signed by the President this week. As a result of efforts led by AHS International and the Vertical Lift Consortium (VLC), the budget includes an additional $10M for the Army's Aviation Advanced Technology Development — over and above what was requested by the President's Budget — for advanced rotary-wing technology in support of Future Vertical Lift. Congress also separately added $3.4M for "Helicopter seat improvements" to reduce injuries in the event of an impact. This increased the total Army Aviation Advanced Technology funding line from the requested amount of $89.7M to $103.1M, a boost of nearly 15%! Go to www.vtol.org/FVL for more details.

This work builds on similar successes last year, which resulted in $14M for FVL and about $5M for the NASA Rotary Wing project. These two legislative successes were the result of AHS International’s leadership, in collaborating with the Vertical Lift Consortium — the non-profit whose mission is “to work collaboratively with the U.S. Government to develop and transition innovative vertical lift technologies to rapidly and affordably meet warfighter needs — and our member companies. 

In addition, AHS worked with other technical professional societies on the issue of Federal Travel Restrictions and Support for S&T Conferences. The team was successful in altering legislation that otherwise would have made made permanent the draconian restrictions prohibiting government employees from attending Science and Technology (S&T) conferences.

More information on the Society’s efforts to support US government employees can be found at www.vtol.org/USG



To find out more about our advocacy efforts, go to www.vtol.org/advocacy.