2021 Rotorcraft Structures and Survivability Technical Meeting

HRC Structures 2021

The theme for the two day conference is “Innovative Structures and Survivability Solutions for Vertical Lift.” The meeting will consist of unclassified, unrestricted presentations to be held in-person at the Hampton Roads Convention Center. The meeting will highlight research and development efforts, both current and planned, related to manned and unmanned rotorcraft structures, crash safety, and vulnerability reduction.

In case of unexpectedly prolonged COVID restrictions, the conference will be moved to a virtual format.

Presentations are invited on Structures, Crashworthiness and Vulnerability Reduction – refer to the Call for Presentations for more details. Abstracts are due NLT Friday, August 6, 2021 and submitted to structures2021@hrc.vtol.org. Note: final presentations will be due October 4, 2021.

General Chair: Mr. Martin Annett, NASA Langley Research Center
Technical Chairs: Ms. Carrell McAllister, Joint Aircraft Survivability Program Office; Dr. Mark Robeson, US Army DEVCOM Aviation & Missile Center TDD-A

Venue: Hampton Road Convention Center, 1610 Coliseum Dr., Hampton, VA 23666
Recommended Lodging (next door to the Convention Center): Embassy Suites by Hilton Hampton Roads, 1700 Coliseum Dr., Hampton, VA 23666

HRC Hilton