2023 7th Workshop on AAM Infrastructure

2023 Infrastructure Workshop

Save the date! The 7th Workshop on AAM Infrastructure is being planned for the Atlantic City, New Jersey, area (near the FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center), Sept. 26-28, 2023. Tuesday morning will begin with AAM 101 — led by the Community Air Mobility Initiative (CAMI) — followed by a deep dive into important and timely topics through Thursday at noon, and a tour of the FAA Tech Center on Thursday afternoon. Details coming soon!



  • Provide an open forum to stakeholders and interested parties from industry and applicable government and regulatory bodies to discuss Operations & Safety requirements and expectations as they relate to AAM technology and infrastructure.
  • Conduct facilitated discussions regarding key Operational & Safety questions pertaining to AAM infrastructure to better understand potential eVTOL aircraft limitations and aerodynamic deficiencies that must be considered in future infrastructure development.
  • Identify collaborative research and development opportunities necessary for creating safe infrastructure design standards based on aircraft performance criteria.


  • Build upon existing safety data to identify pre-competitive areas where proactive industry collaboration would be valuable in accelerating adoption.
  • Identify collaborative opportunities between industry and government agencies that will benefit the UAM industry.
  • Draft consensus-based strategies to advance infrastructure Operations and Safety at key Federal, State and Local levels.


  • Rex Alexander, 5-Alpha
  • Cliff Johnson, FAA Tech Center
  • Yolanka Wulff, CAMI


The Vertical Flight Society, founded in 1943 as the American Helicopter Society, is the world's leading professional organization working to advance vertical flight. VFS has been a leading advocate and supporter of what we call "The Electric VTOL Revolution." We held the world's eVTOL technical meeting in 2014; we now have 200+ hours of informative and educational videos on electric VTOL. A summary of the work that VFS and its partners have done, along with information on previous events and activities, can be found on this webpage


Please contact Rex Alexander for more information. 


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