The Vertical Flight Society's 78th Annual Forum & Technology Display is the world's leading international technical event on vertical flight technology. The conference will span three days and include 200+ technical papers on every discipline from Acoustics to Unmanned Systems, as well as invited presentations and discussions by leaders in the military, government agencies and industry.

The Technology Display, running concurrent with the Forum, is the most extensive exposition of cutting-edge vertical flight technologies in the world, and also includes other technologies more broadly applicable to aerospace in general. Leading manufacturers, service providers, defense agencies, universities, and research and development organizations will showcase the very latest in vertical flight technology in our exhibit hall.

Why Attend Forum 78?

  1. Technical papers: More than 200 technical papers will be presented as part of Forum 78! Learn from experts in their fields as they discuss the latest theories and breakthroughs in vertical flight technology.
  2. Learn about the latest technologies from leading manufacturers, service providers, defense agencies, universities, and research and development organizations in our virtual technology display.
  3. Hear from the leaders in industry, government, and academia to gain perspective on the future of vertical flight technology:

    • Straight Talk from the Top with the leaders of major rotorcraft manufacturers
    • US Military rotorcraft program managers and leaders
    Other civil and defense leaders in government and industry giving their insights in advanced rotorcraft and advanced air mobility (AAM) / electric VTOL

  4. Recognition of VFS award winners at the 78th Annual Grand Awards Ceremony
  5. 42nd Annual Nikolsky Lecture

Make Your Presence Known at Forum 78!

Showcase your technology, products, and services! Contact VFS Exhibits for more information or to submit your application.

  1. Become an exhibitor
  2. Become an event sponsor!

Author Information
  1. Congratulations to all the Forum 78 authors — VFS looks forward to your technical papers and presentations in May!
  2. Final papers will be due April 4, 2022 and must be submitted to the Forum 78 Mira submission site. Download the Forum 78 Final Paper templates: Word or Latex.
  3. The Annual Forum is an international event and therefore it is VFS policy that all submissions are completely unrestricted.