John Garrison, Bell Helicopter

AHS has long been a key resource for Bell Helicopter. By encouraging our employees to get involved, we have seen them increase their technical knowledge, build relationships across the industry and become better employees. Our collaboration with AHS has been extremely beneficial in advancing not only our own projects, but the entire vertical flight technology industry.

John Garrison
President and CEO
Bell Helicopter
Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Prof. Wes Harris, MIT

The production and use of increasingly complex rotorcraft demand more engineers that are educated and trained with a strong STEM foundation. Equally critical to future development of more capable rotorcraft is a diversity of technical talent from a diverse workforce. AHS, through its members, technical conferences and scholarships, continues to be a very valuable element in maintaining the strong STEM foundation and requisite workforce.

Wesley L. Harris
Charles Stark Draper Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics 
and Associate Provost
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Susan Gorton, NASA

The NASA Rotary Wing Project supports presentations and attendance at the AHS Forum and other AHS meetings because a majority of our customers and stakeholders are there. It is a very effective way to disseminate our research results and make sure our research staff has the opportunity to engage others in discussion about the latest technology developments.

Susan A. Gorton
Project Manager
NASA Rotary Wing Project
Hampton, Virginia, USA

Shawn Coyle, Pilot and Author

AHS International’s magazines, papers and proceedings are a gold mine of information for a pilot who wants to better understand the capabilities of the helicopter ... information that often can't be found anywhere else.

Shawn Coyle
Flight Test Pilot and Author
Charlotte, Vermont, USA

Prof. Marilyn Smith, Georgia Tech

The AHS is a vibrant professional society that is at the forefront of rotating systems research and engineering. As one of the few women in the field, I am impressed at the exceptional strides AHS has made in the inclusion of women at all levels of the society from students to the top leadership. The positive experiences that these role models have encountered at AHS are very important as the US strives to improve its STEM workforce.

Marilyn J. Smith, PhD.

Associate Professor
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Phil Dunford, Boeing

Rotary wing flight is a highly specialized area with its own key competencies and expertise. In my own career I’ve found membership in the American Helicopter Society to be a good way to stay up-to-date with the industry. AHS is an advocate for research and development funding as well as for issues important to rotorcraft programs. I’ve benefitted from access to their meetings, papers and articles, and their events are good for building relationships with other leaders in the field. Those without time to actively participate can keep current through Vertiflite, AHS’ magazine on vertical flight technology, or the AHS Journal, their scientific and technical publication.

Phil Dunford
Chairman, 2010-2012
AHS International
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Elizabeth Weiner, U. Maryland Graduate Student

AHS is great because of all of the fantastic resources and opportunities it provides to students. Whether it’s contacts, papers, or just knowledge about vertical flight, you can count on AHS providing a veritable wealth of information.

Elizabeth Weiner
PhD Student
University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland, USA

Jean-Jacques Ferrier, Airbus Helicopters

AHS is a proactive and efficient organisation with very positive thinking. Eurocopter is very proud of having received from the AHS the prestigious Howard Hughes Award for the X3 in May 2012 at Fort Worth. It demonstrates that AHS is an open minded international organisation.

AHS is a unique opportunity for all helicopter manufacturers to exchange together and with their customers. The various forums enable the expert community to keep updated about state of the art and latest developments in research around the world.

Jean-Jacques Ferrier
The Eurocopter Group/Airbus Helicopters
Marignane, France

Jay Carter, Carter Aviation Technologies

From its Journal and bimonthly periodical (Vertiflite – a must read), to its presence in online social networking sites and other member resources and meetings, AHS puts a wealth of highly relevant industry information at its members' fingertips. Beyond this, and equally valuable, is the access afforded members to AHS's leadership. These individuals are a tremendous resource in and of themselves. Were that not enough, AHS offers networking opportunities that are second-to-none. Against this backdrop, and from the standpoint of a small aerospace research and development company, the decision to obtain Corporate Membership in AHS is an easy one.

Jay Carter
Carter Aviation Technologies, LLC.
Wichita Falls, Texas, USA

Kevin Bredenbeck, Sikorsky

Without the foundation of AHS, we would have never achieved some of the amazing accomplishments over the years in vertical flight. AHS demonstrates that we as an industry can develop new technologies, and deliver them to the doorstep of the future – the next generation potential for rotary-winged flight.

Kevin Bredenbeck
Director, Flight Operations & Chief Test Pilot
Sikorsky Aircraft
West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Blanche Demaret, ONERA

As Director for Rotorcraft Research in a National Research Center, my main interest is to identify trends, needs and gaps in order to give a more relevant orientation to the research to be performed. The AHS Specialists’ Meetings and the AHS International Annual Forum are “must attend conferences” in order to meet all the players of the rotorcraft world: universities, industry, government officials and operators. Our specialists are participating actively in the AHS committees as well as publishing papers at AHS conferences and in the AHS Journal.

Blanche Demaret
Director of Rotorcraft Research
ONERA – The French Research Lab
Palaiseau, France

Nic Reveles, Georgia Tech Graduate Student

AHS has been an incredibly helpful organization in providing competitive scholarship opportunities and offering venues to present my latest research results. I have also really appreciated the opportunity as an AHS member to contribute to the community by volunteering to help with my local chapter.

Nic Reveles
Graduate Student
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia, USA