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The Society's Annual Forum & Technology Display is the world's leading international technical event on vertical flight technology. The three-day meeting includes more than 200 technical papers on every discipline from Acoustics to Unmanned Systems. Forum Proceedings papers can be purchased as individual pdf files or as CD-ROMs from the Society's Online Store.

Every year, the best paper in each technical discipline is selected by the Society's Technical Committees. All of the best papers from each technical discipline from every Annual Forum since 2001 – including the overall Alfred Gessow Best Paper Award since 2004 – are recognized as some of the most important technical contributions in the field of vertical flight.

The Forum 66 (2010) winning technical papers are linked below.

Technical Area Title of Paper Author(s)
Winner of the Alfred Gessow Forum Best Paper Award
(Crew Stations and Human Factors) 
Landing an H-60 Helicopter in Brownout Conditions Using 3D-LZ Displays Zoltan P. Szoboszlay and Steven R. Braddom, AMRDEC; H.N. “Buck” Burns, H.N. Burns Engineering Corp.; R. Andy McKinley, Walter W. Harrington, James C. Savage, U.S. Air Force
Acoustics Direct CFD Predictions of Low Frequency Sounds Generated by a Helicopter Main Rotor Ben W. Sim and Mark A. Potsdam, Ames Research Center; Dave A. Conner, Langley Research Center; Michael E. Watts, NASA Langley Research Center
Advanced Vertical Flight

Tiltrotor/Tiltwing Performance Enhancement Via Active On-Blade Flaps

Todd R. Quackenbush, Daniel A. Wachspress, Robert M. McKillip, Jr., and Christine L. Solomon, Continuum Dynamics, Inc.
Aerodynamics The Flow Physics of Helicopter Brownout Catriona Phillips, Hyo Won Kim, Richard E. Brown, University of Glasgow
Aircraft Design Development and Flight Validation of an Autonomous Mono-Wing UAS Kingsley Fregene, Steve Jameson, David Sharp, Lockheed Martin; Harold Youngren, AeroCraft Consulting; David Stuart, Dave Stuart Model Aircraft
Avionics and Systems Remote Guardian System (RGS) Defensive Weapon System Chris Weaver, BAE Systems
Crash Safety Lightweight, High Performance Aircraft Fuel Bladders Kenneth Heater and Brian Pilati, METSS Corporation
Crew Stations and Human Factors Landing an H-60 Helicopter in Brownout Conditions Using 3D-LZ Displays Zoltan P. Szoboszlay and Steven R. Braddom, AMRDEC; H.N. “Buck” Burns, H.N. Burns Engineering Corp.; R. Andy McKinley, Walter W. Harrington, James C. Savage, U.S. Air Force
Dynamics Application of CFD/CSD to Rotor Aeroelastic Stability in Forward Flight Mark Potsdam, Robert Ormiston, AMRDEC
Flight Simulation

Rapid Integration, Development And Flight Test Of Helicopter Flight Control Laws

Shyhpyng ShueStacey Winger, Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.; Arthur GubblesKris Ellis, National Research Council of Canada
Handling Qualities Development of External Load Handling Qualities Criteria for Rotorcraft Jeff LusardiChris, BlankenSteven, Braddom, AMRDEC; Luigi CicolaniEric Tobias, Ames Research Center
Health and Usage Monitoring Systems A Systematic Approach to Bearing Health Monitoring Onder Uluyol, Kyusung Kim, Chris Hickenbottom, Honeywell Aerospace
History Weir Autogiros and Helicopters
JP Harrison
Manufacturing Technology and Processing

Downselection And Metallurgical Evaluation Of Ti-6Al–4V Direct-To-Metal  Fabrication For Aerospace Grade Applications

Peter J. McCallum, Bell Helicopter Textron
Operations 3D-LZ Brownout Landing Solution Walter HarringtonJames SavageR. Andrew McKinley, US Air Force; Steven BraddomZoltan SzoboszlayHoyt N. “Buck” Burns, H.N. Burns Engineering Corporation
Product Support The Reduction of Composite Main Rotor Blade Maintenance: A practical approach
M.D. CappelliW. Kim, M.R. Urban, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation; R.S. Kumar, M.G. Gurvich, United Technologies Research Center; L. Centolanza, Aviation Applied Technology Directorate
Structures and Materials Integrated Statistical Stress Life Analysis Methodology Utilizing Local Stress Fields
M.R. Urban, Sikorsky Aircraft; G. Bauer, T.G. Meyer, Computer Aided Engineering Associates, Inc; A. Ghoshal, G.S. Welsh, United Technologies Research Center; N. Bordick, Army Aviation Applied Technology Directorate
Systems Engineering Airworthiness Integration Into Modern Systems Engineering For Complex Military Aircraft Systems Daniel P. Schrage, Georgia Institute of Technology
Test and Evaluation Photogrammetric Measurements of an EH-60L Brownout Cloud Oliver D. WongPhilip E. Tanner, U.S. Army
Unmanned VTOL Benchmarking of Obstacle Field Navigation Algorithms for Autonomous Helicopters Bernie Mettler and Zhaodan Kong, University of Minnesota; Chad Goerzen, Ames Research Center; Matthew Whalley, AMRDEC