Journal Guidelines

General Requirements for Journal Contributors

JAHS 2024The editor welcomes manuscripts and papers presented at the VFS Annual Forum, VFS Technical Meetings, the European Rotorcraft Forum, and other technical conferences. Papers should report significant information and be written in a style appropriate for an archive publication. Acceptance will be judged on technical quality, relevance and importance of material, interest to reader, and timeliness. Papers must be prepared according to instructions for authors and will be submitted to a rigorous technical review by the appropriate VFS Technical Committee. Authors may be requested to make revisions in accordance with the reviewers' comments. Short manuscripts describing important new results of limited scope may be submitted for informal review by the editor for publication as technical notes. Comments on previous Journal articles as well as opinions on AHS technical or editorial policy are welcome and will be considered.

Authors should review the following documents:
  1. Notice of Journal Color Policy
  2. General Information
  3. Specifications
  4. Author Checklist
  5. Meeting Names: There is a fairly complete list of conference and meeting names over the last 40 years in the online store. It includes many (but not all) VFS meetings and the European Rotorcraft Forum. The author may use this as a reference resource as to when a meeting was held, where it was held and what its official name was. The meeting names are formatted exactly as they would appear in a Journal paper reference list, so authors can go here and copy them right out of the pdf file using the "select text" tool. If you note a missing proceedings, please send us a message.

Submission of Manuscripts

All new manuscripts must be submitted on-line using the VFS's PowerReview web based system. The URL for the site is:

Authors must certify that the submitted manuscript has not been published previously or submitted for publication elsewhere, and does not violate any security, proprietary, or copyright restrictions. Document templates for FINAL submission of manuscripts to the AHS Journal.

VFS LaTeX Template

VFS Word Template
This template is to be used for the Journal of the American Helicopter Society and should not be modified or changed for another purpose.

Templates are provided for authors in two formats: Microsoft Word and LaTeX. The style documents are called "ahs-sample.doc" (Word) and "ahs-sample.tex" (LaTeX). The LaTeX document uses the accompanying style file "ahs.cls" (download in zip format). Authors should note that one of these templates MUST be used for final submission of manuscripts to the AHS Journal but only AFTER peer review, author revision, and editorial acceptance phases have been completed.

The Associate Editor will inform the author when to provide the final manuscript in this form. VFS also encourages the use of these templates for the initial submission of manuscripts to the Journal, but this is not a requirement. These style documents are written in a form that is consistent with the Manuscript Specification documents of the AHS Journal. Further details on manuscript formatting and styles can be found in the files "ahs-sample.pdf".