AHS Board of Directors

The business of AHS International is managed and controlled by its Board of Directors, which sets the strategic direction of the Society. The Board is comprised entirely of outside directors, and meets at least twice a year in person.

There are currently 29 voting members of the Board:
  • Chair of the Board (1)
  • President (1)
  • Secretary/Treasurer (1)
  • Technical Director (1)
  • Regional Vice Presidents (1 for each of the 10 regions)
  • Regional Directors (1 for each of the 10 regions)
  • Appointed Directors (3)
  • Membership Vice President (1)
  • Washington, D.C. Vice President (1)

AHS Members can log in and find the full contact information for the Board of Directors below. If you are not logged into the website as an AHS Member, then you can still access our list of Board Members.

Name Position Company