Current Chapter Officers

Arizona Chapter Officers
J. Kristin Little President The Boeing Company (480) 891-1246
Andrew Augenstein Vice President The Boeing Company (602) 793-6801
Alexander G. Harris Treasurer BAE Systems, Land & Armaments, Mobility & Protection Systems (602) 643-7216
Kendra L. Befort Secretary The Boeing Company (480) 891-1979
Atlanta Chapter Officers
Marilyn J. Smith President Georgia Institute of Technology (404) 894-3065
Massimo Ruzzene Treasurer Georgia Institute of Technology (404) 894-3078
Australia Chapter Officers
Arvind K. Sinha President Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group, Department of Defence 61-39-256-3673
Robert J. Hood Vice President, Treasurer Retired  
Trent Hollier Secretary Defence Materiel Organisation  61-41-442-1294
Bangalore Chapter Officers
Krishna Dubasi President Bell Helicopter India (TIPL)  
DSD P. Rao Treasurer Hindustan Aeronautics Limited 91-802-231-4349
Mukundhan Chakram Secretary Bell Helicopter India (TIPL)  
Cherry Point Chapter Officers
Anna Howard President North Carolina State University (919) 513-4019
Connecticut Valley Chapter Officers
Clifford T. Gunsallus President Kaman Aerospace Corporation (860) 286-4186
Paul Keary Vice President Kaman Aerospace Corporation (860) 286-4126
Curtis B. Orkin Treasurer, Secretary Timken Aerospace Transmissions
(860) 645-4363
Dayton Chapter Officers
Raymond L. Robb President U.S. Air Force (937) 904-6069
Donald L. Kunz Vice President U.S. Air Force (937) 255-3636 ext. 4548
William B. Blake Treasurer, Membership Chair U.S. Air Force (937) 904-4006
East New England Chapter Officers
Harry Nahatis President
GE Aviation
(781) 594-9079
Michael P. Sousa
Treasurer GE Aviation (781) 594-7662
Ron Hutter Secretary General Electric (781) 594-4628
Empire State Chapter Officers
Thomas Spura President Lockheed Martin Corporation (607) 751-4680
Kevin Schlosser Vice President Lockheed Martin Corporation (607) 751-2525
Cheryl Kressly Treasurer Lockheed Martin Corporation (607) 751-2502
Jun Ma Secretary Lockheed Martin Corporation  
Federal City Chapter Officers
Joseph Mudd President Airbus Helicopters (571) 306-7250
Michelle F. Yarborough Vice President Cypress International (703) 549-5880
Daniel Curry Treasurer
(703) 606-9242
Richard J. Koucheravy Secretary Lockheed Martin (301) 897-6422
Germany Chapter Officers
Juergen Rauleder President Technical University of Munich 49-89-289-16303
Frauke Hoffmann Vice President German Aerospace Research Center (DLR) 49-531-295-2737
Manfred Bernhard Membership Chair
Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH 49 90671 5944

Hampton Roads Chapter Officers
Shawn Hefner President U.S. Army (757) 878-2374
Timothy Rouse Vice President   (757) 878-2975
Edward E. Austin Treasurer    
Mia Copeland Secretary Eagle Aviation Technologies, Inc. (757) 224-6269 ext. 210
Jake Fortner Chapter Officers
Richard C. Stockhausen President   (334) 255-3203
Mark Hayes Vice President    
Shay Collins Treasurer Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (334) 503-9664
Allen L. Huber Secretary   (334) 255-3652
Japan Chapter Officers
Noriaki Katayama President Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. 81-58-382-5932
Takashi Aoyama Vice President Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency 81-50-3362-5538
Misao Takikawa Vice President Fuji Heavy Industries 81-28-684-7545
Korea Chapter Officers
Duck-Joo Lee President Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology 82-042-350-3716
Sejong Oh President Pusan National University 82-51-510-2435
Sangjoon Shin Secretary Seoul National University (822) 880-1642
Montreal/Ottowa Chapter Officers
Michael Nault President Bell Helicopter Textron, Canada (450) 971-6500 ext. 6137
Michel Dion Vice President Bell Helicopter Textron, Canada (450) 971-6500
James S. Corrigan Treasurer Bell Helicopter Textron, Canada (450) 971-6500 ext. 6060
Mirian Lebeau Secretary Bell Helicopter Textron, Canada (450) 971-6500
Patuxent River Chapter Officers
Scott Bruce President Peduzzi Associates, Ltd. (301) 904-5143
Philadelphia Chapter Officers
Steven R. Matthews President Pagnotta Engineering, Inc. (610) 280-3313 ext. 227
Herbert W. Conover Vice President, Dinner Meetings   (610) 810-7478
Mihir Mistry Vice President, Tech Meetings The Boeing Company (610) 591-2010
George Stulb Treasurer The Boeing Company
(610) 591-4153
John R. Chisholm Secretary The Boeing Company (610) 591-6780
Poland Chapter Officers
Janusz Narkiewicz President/ Membership Chair Warsaw University of Technology 48-22-660-7445/7884
Redstone Chapter Officers
Edwin D. Martin President U.S. Army (256) 842-1240
Richard J. Ausfahl Treasurer SAIC (256) 876-3957
San Francisco Chapter Officers
Mark V. Fulton President U.S. Army (650) 604-0102
Eduardo Solis Vice President   (650) 604-4023
Gary R. Fayaud Treasurer/ Secretary U.S. Army (650) 604-2061
South Florida Chapter Officers
Philip J. Alldridge President Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (561) 775-5179
Kyrilian Dyer Vice President    
Michael D. Scheppa Treasurer Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (561) 775-5576
Rosandra N. Abeyta Secretary   (561) 775-5319
Southwest Chapter Officers
Kyla R. Marshall President Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc. (817) 280-4807
Christos Bais Vice President Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc. (817) 280-6969
George Havrilla Treasurer Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc. (817) 280-4483
Drew Sutton Secretary
Bell Helicopter Textron, Inc. (817) 280-2771
St. Louis Chapter Officers
Dale M. Pitt President The Boeing Company (314) 233-8631
Swaminathan Karunamoorthy
Vice-President   (314) 977-8442
David A. Peters Secretary Washington University
(314) 935-4337
Stratford Chapter Officers
Usman Asif President Sikorksy Aircraft Corporation (203) 386-6487
Stephen M. Makinen Treasurer Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (203) 386-4875