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Educator Guidelines

If you've been asked by a student for a letter of reference for the Vertical Flight Foundation scholarship, this information will help you to prepare a comprehensive, effective letter, you may also refer to Page 4 of the VFF Application Guidelines. Please make sure you understand the guidelines for sending a reference — your recommendation is an important part of the student's application package.

Student Eligibility

Before writing your letter of reference, make sure the student is eligible to receive the scholarship.

  • A student can receive an award once as an Undergraduate, once as a Master’s student and once as a Ph.D. student. 
    • Eligibility in Ph.D. category requires verification of formally meeting doctoral degree requirements such as qualifying exams. Otherwise, the student will be considered in the MS category.
    • All applicants must be full-time students at the time of the application on February 1. In addition, the student should be registered in the relevant degree program at least one (1) academic term after the scholarship awards, which are presented at the Society's Annual Forum in May.
    • Applicants should be enrolled at an accredited school in a relevant technical program. Technical disciplines related to complex aeronautics/aeronautics engineering or aviation systems, even if not directly considered vertical lift engineering, will receive equal consideration.

Writing the Letter

Your recommendation letter will play a key role in determining if your student is awareded a scholarship please include the following information when writing the letter:

  • You should be very familiar with the student and her/his course work.
  • Please be sure to include a statement as to where the student stands in regard to the students you have taught in your career (not just this semester/year).  Specifically state if this student ranks in the top 5%, 10% or 25% of your class based on your experience with all of your students (past and present)
  • Note any attributes or events that may make the student stand out from his/her peers.
  • The letter must be on university stationery.
  • The letter must be signed by you.

Letter Due Dates

The recommendation letter must be delivered directly, either electronically (PDF format) or by mail, to the VFF Coordinator at the Vertical Flight Society by February 1st. VFS will not accept recommendation letters from the student.

The Vertical Flight Society
Attn: VFF Coordinator, Julie M. Gibbs
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