Asian-Australian Rotorcraft Forum 2017 in Japan Throughout the year, the Vertical Flight Society organizes and co-sponsors several regional and international conferences around the world that facilitate the advancement of the theory and practices of helicopter and other VTOL aircraft technology. Whether smaller (100-400 person) regional or technical specialists' meetings, or our Annual Forum — the biggest and best vertical flight technical event in the world, with more than 1,300 attendees — every event is designed to impart as much knowledge and understanding as possible, as well as provide networking contacts and excitement about the future of vertical flight.

Check out these exciting upcoming vertical flight technical events, and make your plans today to be part of tomorrow's vertical flight technology!

  • CAFE logo (png) 14th Electric Aircraft Symposium, Jul 28, 2020 to Jul 30, 2020

    The CAFE Foundation and Vertical Flight Society have been working to advance electric aviation for many years and have partnered again for this year’s EAS. Electric and hybrid electric powered aircraft have the potential to significantly reduce air transportation costs, carbon emissions and community noise.


  • Gannett Flemming VFS Workshop on eVTOL Infrastructure, Sep 01, 2020 to Sep 03, 2020

    The Vertical Flight Society is pleased to offer the third workshop on the Challenges of eVTOL Infrastructure topics that was originally planned for March 2020. This workshop will provide industry the opportunity to shape for the development and regulation of eVTOL infrastructure.

    Wildwood, NJ

  • 46th European Rotorcraft Forum, Sep 08, 2020 to Sep 11, 2020

    The following rotorcraft topics will be discussed: Acoustics, Engines & Propulsion, Aerodynamics, Flight Mechanics, Aircraft Design, Manufacturing, Aircraft Systems, Avionics, Operational Aspects, Sensors, Test & Evaluation, Airworthiness, Safety, Cost Reduction, Simulation & Training, Crew Station & Human Factors, Structures & Materials and Dynamics.

    Moscow, Russia

  • 76th Annual Forum & Technology Display, Oct 06, 2020 to Oct 08, 2020

    The Vertical Flight Society's 76th Annual Forum & Technology Display will be held in Virginia Beach on Oct. 6-8, 2020! The three-day event will include some 250 technical papers — on every discipline from Acoustics to Unmanned Systems — as well as invited presentations and discussions by leaders in industry and government. Don't miss Forum 76!

    Virginia Beach, Virginia

  • 9th Asian/Australian Rotorcraft Forum 2020 (ARF), Nov 02, 2020 to Nov 06, 2020

    The 9th Asian/Australian Rotorcraft Forum (ARF 2020) will be held in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China on November 3–5, 2020. This conference is organized by Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, with support of the local VFS chapters of the participating countries.

    Nanjing, China